With just a small team of 4 investigators, Culpeper Paranormal researches and investigates many historical locations in and around the Central Virginia area.

CPI is also known for their role in hosting the Culpeper Downtown Walking Ghost Tours, as well as helping to hold events/fundraisers for historical
preservation at various locations.

Culpeper Paranormal uses modern scientific methods to document, prove, and educate, while striving for quality, trust, and professionalism.
CPI's approach to identifying paranormal activity within a location is based on research, history, eye witness accounts, and personal experiences.

Culpeper Paranormal uses specialized cameras, audio devices, electro-magnetic devices, as well as heat/cold sensing equipment. 
Throughout investigations, objects and methods such as Ouija/Spirit boards, psychic mediums, and provocation is not used.  CPI uses safe, specialized techniques only, to help with specific needs whether searching for answers
or helping with anxiety/fear.

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